Tourism Management Operation (Basic Course)

Course Objective
Tourism Management operation course is designed to give students the skill and knowledge to tourism and  hospitality industry (nonsmoking industry).and the purpose is to develop and support the Myanmar tourism role and born to the outstanding students for tourism industry. 

Course Outlines
1. Archeological and culture Exploration in
2. Myanmar
3. Colorful festivals in Myanmar
4. Meditation Study in Myanmar
5. Ethnic Study in Myanmar
6. Wild Life Study in Myanmar
7. Mergui Archipelago Exploration in Myanmar
8. Diving Sites in Myanmar
9. Trekking in Myanmar
10. Trek to Snow Capped Mountain
11. Motor Bike expedition in Myanmar
12. Border of Myanmar
13. Memorial Monuments Tour
14. Myanma Traditional Art & Crafts Studying 
15. Myanma Traditional Belief & Customs

Teaching Methods
Our competent teachers is training the students by the following methods
• Teaching Practical and Theories meet chapter outlines.
• Clarity of explanation & concept courses to understand for students 
• Discuss & guide for individual assignment and presentation.
• Provide Hand-outs/Study materials from Teacher and Training Center
• Inspection training to travel and tours company.

Learning Outcomes
After studying this Diploma Course, student should be
able to:
• Understanding Myanma Culture , Myanma Tourism Market and Myanma ecological
• Get knowledge of tourism and hospitality industry.
• Identification Tourist market and Tourist Market Communication and interpersonal skills, problem-solving skill and good management in their (students) work life.
• Can work in Tourism Company.

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