Diploma in Culinary Arts

Diploma in Culinary Arts
Course Objective

Diploma in Culinary Arts course is formed to deliver students the skill and knowledge of a professional chef and the purpose is to develop and support the

Myanmar Professional Chef Role and for the outstanding professional chefs to be born.


A student must be able to read/understand mostly in English.

Course outlines

-Culinary Skills
-Personal Hygiene
-Food Safety
-Food Decoration
-Organization Chart
-Food Operation
-Food & Nutrients
-World Cuisines
-Menu Planning

Teaching Methods
Our competent teachers is training the students the following methods

- Teaching Practical and Theories meet chapter outlines.
- Clarity of explanation & concept courses to understand for students
- Discuss & guide for individual assignment and presentation.
- Provide Hand-outs/Study materials from Teacher and Training Center
- Inspection training to travel and Catering Company.

Learning Outcomes
After studying this Diploma Course, student should be able to:
- Get knowledge of a professional chef
- Know how much the food safety is important
- Know major trending dishes of Asian & European cuisines
- Know how the Commercial Kitchen Operates
- Can create Menus by themselves
Assessment process

As if students who must have fully school attendance rule by MHTM, can being allowed to taking their exam. Students’ attendance can be checked with students’ attendance record list.
There will be (2) parts for each course: 2 months time duration by each part. After the end of each part, the students will give the presentation, enter the exam and submit the project/assignment.

The total mark of the presentation/exam is 50/100 marks and the Diploma student is considered as the "PASS" when their mark is over 40% of Total mark. Their Grading system is specified as follow.

Grade A+ (50-46) Marks
Grade A (45-40) Marks
Grade B+ (39-36) Marks
Grade B (35-30) Marks
Grade C (29-20) Marks
Grade F (19-00) Marks

Grade A+ (100-96),  Grade A (95-90), Grade A- (89-86),
Grade B+ (85-80), Grade B (79-76), Grade B- (75-71),
Grade C+ (70-66), Grade C (65-60), Grade C- (59-56),
Grade D+ (55-51),Grade D (50-46), Grade D- (45-40),
Grade F (FAILED) (39-00)

Course Complete

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